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Seniors Major Competitions

Appendix D:  Seniors Major Competitions

Members in the Full Membership categories listed in Appendix A that are paid up members of the Seniors Section and have returned a minimum of 3 Acceptable Scores* in the last 12 months may enter Seniors Major Competitions.

Full members with less than 3 Acceptable Scores in the last 12 months and Summer/PMG/Flexible members may:

  • Enter Major singles stroke play competitions and win divisional prizes, but not win the Major trophy.

  • Enter Major pairs/team stroke play competitions if places are available after the draw for tee times has been done. The member and partner(s) may win divisional prizes, but not win the Major trophy.

Entry to the Seniors Match Play Trophy and competitions subsidised by the Seniors Section (Outings, Senior Captains Day, etc.) is subject to having returned 4 cards in Seniors competitions in the 6 months prior to the closing date for entry.

Members of the Seniors Section who for valid reasons has been unable to take part in the required number of competitions may request that the Seniors Committee consider waiving these requirements. 

*  Acceptable Score is defined as a score from an authorized format of play which meets all the provisions set out in Rule 2 of the Rules of Handicapping. Refer to Appendix J for further information.

Scores submitted for initial handicap allocation do not count towards the 3 Acceptable Scores within the last 12 months.