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New Ladies Page


This page is for new lady members and any other ladies who are interested in finding out more about golf at Mapperley Golf Club.


Monthly Meetups

About once a month on a Sunday through the summer months we hold a get-together for new and prospective new lady members - see the list of dates below.

Typically these start off in the clubhouse where you will get the opportunity to meet some of our lady members and view the facilities available in the clubhouse; the bar, restaurant, locker room, Professional's shop, etc.

After that we will venture outside where you can either join in a friendly 9 hole team competition on the golf course, or if you have not played golf before you can have a go at hitting some balls on our practice range, try some chipping on the practice green and finish up with a session on the putting green (see photos on the right).

After that everyone will return to the clubhouse for tea and coffee (or something stronger!) where you will have an opportunity to find out more about membership of the golf club and ask questions.

Meeting time is usually 2:00pm in the clubhouse for a 2:30 start outside, but you are best to check the Ladies Fixtures page for confirmation.

For more information about these get-togethers or any general questions, you can contact Susan by email at

 and keep an eye on our Mapperley Ladies Golf Facebook page

2022 dates:

  • 27th March
  • 1st May
  • 5th June
  • 24th July
  • 21st August
  • 2nd October


Joining the Golf Club

We have a range of different membership categories available to suit your personal circumstances. Some of the more popular ones for new members are:

  • Trial membership (8 weeks)
  • Get into Golf  (up to 2 years)

You can learn more about these membership categories on the New Member Offers page. There are also discounted rates for members under 34 years of age.


Mentoring for New Lady Members

When you are new to golf there is a lot to learn.  You start by getting used to playing, then strive to gain your first handicap.  Once you get there, new players need additional help with all sorts of things from etiquette to rules; how to find someone to play with; how to enter competitions; learn about golf; what the terminology means, etc. To help with this you will be offered the chance to have a mentor - an experienced member who will help with your integration into the club, play a few holes with you from time to time, provide a little coaching, give advice on 'course management' (strategy), etc.


New Members Welcome Pack

To supplement what the mentors can do for you, we have produced a set of guides to the golf club and golf in general - click on the links below.

Please don’t think that you will need to know everything that is in the guides - that really isn't necessary!  -  Think of them as a source of that you can go to when you want to check something out.

Part 1 will give you an introduction to the golf club and some of the key people that can help you. Part 2 will give you an insight into playing on the golf course and part 3 will get you started with some of the rules of golf and etiquette. Later on when you want to get a handicap, part 4 will show you what to do. Then when you are ready to start playing in competitions, parts 5 and 6 will help you along the way. 

And remember that you can always ask one of our more experienced members or the guys in the pro shop whenever you are unsure of anything, and they will be glad to help you out.


Part 1         Introduction to MGC


Part 2         On the Golf Course


Part 3         The Rules of Golf and Etiquette


Part 4         Handicaps explained


Part 5         Competitions and Matches


Part 6         The Scorecard explained