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Ladies Major Competitions

Appendix C:  Ladies Major Competitions

Members in the Full Membership categories listed in Appendix A that have submitted at least 6 Acceptable Scores* (including 3 in Competition play) may enter Major Competitions.

Full members with less than 6 Acceptable Scores in the last 12 months and Summer/PMG/Flexible members may:

  • Enter Major singles stroke play competitions and win prizes, but not win the Major trophy.

  • Enter Major pairs/team stroke play competitions if places are available after the draw for tee times has been done. The member and partner(s) may win prizes, but not win the Major trophy.

Ladies Major competitions require a minimum of 6 entries for the trophy to be awarded. In the event of less than 6 entries the competition may be re-arranged.

*  Acceptable Score is defined as a score from an authorized format of play which meets all the provisions set out in Rule 2 of the Rules of Handicapping. Refer to Appendix J for further information.

Scores submitted for initial handicap allocation do not count towards the 6 Acceptable Scores within the last 12 months.