Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club

Mens Knockouts

The Pro Shop is able to make tee reservations for your matches in advance of the usual 7 day booking window. Winning players, please update the draw sheet in the locker room.

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Singles: Playing Handicaps are 100% of Course Handicap and the player with the higher Playing Handicap receives the full difference in the Playing Handicaps.

Foursomes: Playing Handicaps are 50% of combined Course Handicaps, rounded to a whole number. The pair with the higher Playing Handicap receives the full difference in the Playing Handicaps.

Challenge Cup

    Round of 16    Quarter Finals   Semi Finals    Final   
  Play by: 18 July   15 Aug   12 Sep   19 Sep 
 Joe Clarke  Joe Clarke                             
  Andy Ash   
   Kevin Footitt  Clive Richards
  Clive Richards 
   Brad Thompson  Steve Ash          
  Steve Ash  
   Tim Rush   Tim Rush
   Ron West  
   walkover  Daz Boulter     Daz Boulter                       
  Daz Boulter
  Dermot Booth Dermot Booth
    Jon Wilson  
  Bally Hayer   Craig Peters          
   Craig Peters  
  walkover     Ian Day  
  Ian Day  


Lamin Cup

Seedings based on positions in qualifying round on April 24th.

    Round of 32    Round of 16    Quarter Finals   Semi Finals    Final   
    Play by: 8 Aug   5 Sep   19 Sep 
 1   Mick Disney Steve Miles    Steve Miles        Joe Quigley                       
 32   Steve Miles
16  Ian Underhill    Ian Underhill    
17  Martyn Shaw 
9  Dean Robinson     Dean Robinson  Joe Quigley  
24  John Nelson 
8  Stephen Green Joe Quigley  
25  Joe Quigley 
4  Geoff Tordoff  Geoff Tordoff      Peter Worth            
29  Tommy Buckmaster 
13  Steve Todd   Peter Worth   
20  Peter Worth 
12  Chris J Wright  Chris Ness     Chris Ness  
21  Chris Ness 
5  Trevor North   Trevor North 
28  Eric Gascoyne 
2  Gary Allen   Steve Ash    Jan Kononowicz   Jan Kononowicz                    
31  Steve Ash 
15  Mick Brett   Jan Kononowicz  
18  Jan Kononowicz
10  Luke Radford  Luke Radford   Simon Leadley
23  Murray De Banke 
7  Simon Leadley Simon Leadley
26  Haider Al-Hussaini
3  Richard Crouch   John Gosling    Jonathon Wilson   Jonathon Wilson 
30  John Gosling 
14  Martin Aplin Jonathon Wilson
19  Jonathon Wilson 
11  Taran Hayer  walk-over    Frank Ciaurro 
22  Tom Rawlinson 
6  Frank Ciaurro  Frank Ciaurro 
27  Les Goode


Foursomes Shield

    Round of 16    Quarter Finals   Semi Finals     Final   
    Play by: 15 Aug   12 Sep   19 Sep 
  Craig Peters &
Simon Taylor  
Kevin Footitt &
 Brian McCrackle 
  Kevin Footitt &
Brian McCrackle 
  Dermot Booth &
Bally Hayer 
Neil Dewing &
 Martin Hardwidge 
  Neil Dewing &
Martin Hardwidge 
  Morgan Wilson &
Kian Furr
Gary Peters &
Chris Stewart
  Gary Peters &
Chris Stewart  
  Richard Eaton &
Alex Piziura 
Geoff Burton &
Chris Waite
  Geoff Burton &
Chris Waite
  Jimmy Ball &
John Gosling 
   Jimmy Ball &
John Gosling 
  Phil Whitaker &
Steve Williams
    walkover Andy Ash &
Steve Ash
  Andy Ash &
Steve Ash
Mark Baker &
Rob Garton
Mark Baker &
Rob Garton 

Richard Crouch
& Chris Ness

  Gary Allen &
Chris Lloyd
 Haider Al-Hussaini 
& Joe Clarke
   Haider Al-Hussaini 
& Joe Clarke