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General Play Scores

Appendix K:  General Play Scores

Scores from General Play (casual rounds) may be submitted for handicap purposes over 18 holes or 9 holes (front 9 or back 9):

  1.  You must register your intention to submit a General Play Score before you play by signing in on the My England Golf app.

  2. Men may play from the white, yellow or red tees. Ladies may play from the yellow tees (18 hole only) or red tees.

  3. Select “Alternate” tees when the 10th hole is played as a par 3. Select “F9” tees when playing a 9 hole round over the front 9. Select “B9” tees when playing a 9 hole round over the back 9.

  4. General Play Scores are best played in Stableford format, so you may pick up your ball if you cannot score a stableford point on a hole.

  5. Your score must be verified through the England Golf app by a playing partner who holds a WHS Handicap Index. This can be a member at Mapperley or any affiliated golf club in England, or an iGolf subscriber.

  6. During the round or soon after, input your score on the app.

  7. After submitting your score, your marker will be notified that they need to approve your score in the app. This must be done on the day of play so that handicaps are updated overnight.


Members that don’t have access to the My England Golf app may submit General Play scores as follows:

  1. Make it known to the Committee before starting the round that you intend submitting a General Play Score.

  2. Send details of the course/tees played, the name of your marker and your hole-by-hole gross scores to