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General Play Scores

Appendix K:  General Play Scores

Scores from General Play may be submitted for handicap purposes over 18 holes or 9 holes (front 9 or back 9):

  1.  Register your intention to submit a General Play Score before you play by informing the Pro Shop who will keep a record your registration.

  2. Write “General Play” in the ‘Competition’ box on the scorecard and add your name, Handicap Index, Course Handicap and the date.

  3. Men may play from the white, yellow or red tees - please indicate the tees used on your scorecard. Ladies may play from the yellow tees (18 hole only) or red tees.

  4. General Play Scores are best played in Stableford format, so you may pick up your ball if you cannot score a stableford point on a hole.

  5. Have another member mark and sign your scorecard.

  6. After the round, register and input your score at the PSI screen in the clubhouse or via the HowDidiDo app. Select Stableford for the type of play and select the appropriate Course Card* for your gender, the number of holes played and the tees used.

  7. Post your scorecard (subject to Covid restrictions):  Men in the letter box by the office door. Ladies in the box in the ladies locker room.


 * Note:

  • Select “Alternate” course cards when the 10th hole is played as a par 3.

  • Select “F9” course cards when playing a 9 hole round over the front 9

  • Select “B9” course cards when playing a 9 hole round over the back 9