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Latest Handicap List and Competitions Information

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For information on submitting Competition Scores and General Play Scores, the Rules of Golf, the Rules of Handicapping, the Mapperley GC Terms of Competition and how to get a New Handicap tap to visit the Competions Hub:
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Club Texas Scramble: Saturday 15th January 2022

The competition is a 13 hole Texas Scramble Stableford, playing holes:
1 to 6
9 and 10
12 and 13
16 to 18.

This is a change from the traditional Medal format, as it is easier to calculate the strokes received in a stableford when playing less than 18 holes. You just receive strokes according to the stroke index of the holes that you play. 

  • Minimum of 3 tee shots required from each player (4 for short-handed teams).
  • Place your ball within 12 inches in the General Area and within 6 inches on the Putting Green and Bunkers.
  • Handicap allowances from lowest to highest handicap are 25%, 20%, 15% and 10%.
  • Short-handed teams receive extra strokes equivalent to having a ghost player with a Course Handicap of 20.
  • No "multi-tee adjustments" are required when playing the combination of mens' yellow and women's red tees in stableford format. This is because 38 points (over 18 holes) represents playing to handicap from both sets of tees.

We have worked out the team handicaps for you; Texas Scramble Team handicaps

If there are any subsequent changes to your team you can look up the strokes received on the charts in the locker room 

 . . . . or click to view the Texas Scramble handicaps (Men)  and  Texas Scramble handicaps (Women)

 . . . .  or use the Interactive Handicap calculator tool

If in doubt about your team's strokes received, just make sure to record the correct gross scores on each hole.

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Winter Golf at Mapperley


Winter Rules are in place at Mapperley until 31st March 2022. 

Unless otherwise stated for a specific competition, Winter Rules include:

  • Preferred lies in parts of the General Area cut to fairway height or less.
  • Preferred lies in bunkers (the area may be smoothed before placing)
  • Compulsory drop when a ball comes to rest on a tee or temporary green
  • The Alternative to Stroke & Distance local rule for a Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds

You can view the full Winter Rules in the locker rooms or by clicking here

As of January 2022, Preferred Lies are extended to the whole General Area - check the whitebord outside the Pro Shop for the current conditions.

Unless otherwise stated, the submission of scores for handicap purposes at Mapperley is not available when Winter Rules are in place. The option to submit General Play Scores at Mapperley through the England Golf app is switched off until next April. 


In multi-tee stableford competitions during the Winter, no adjustment to Playing Handicaps is required. This is because the Par is 2 greater than the Course Rating, hence 38 points represents playing to handicap from both mens yellow and ladies red tees. 

Adjustments to ladies Playing Handicaps in multi-tee Medal competitions, including Texas Scramble Medals, are still applicable because these are based on the difference in the Course Ratings of the two sets of tees.

See Terms of Competition: Appendix N for further details.





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Ladies Winter Open Results & 2022 Open Dates

Thank you to the 90 ladies who supported the Ladies Winter Open AM-AM on 2nd November, and in particular, the 68 visitors from 21 clubs who came from far and wide to sample the Mapperley experience!  We hope you enjoyed your day.

Click to see the full results


2022 Open Dates

If you would like to play in one of our Ladies or Mixed opens next year, here are the dates:

Tue   12  April  Ladies Charity Open  Texas Scramble (draw for teams of 4)  
Fri 29 July Ladies Summer Open  B/B Stableford
Mon 29 August Any Combination Open  Texas Scramble, Teams of 4
Sat   1 October Any Combination Open     AM-AM, Teams of 4
Tus   1 November    Ladies Winter Open AM-AM, Teams of 3

Entry and payment will be online only and should be available towards the end of 2021 via our Open Competitions page

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Any Combination Open Results & 2022 Open Dates

Thank you to all who supported the Any Combination Open AM-AM on 2nd October, and in particular, the huge number of visitors who came from far and wide to sample the Mapperley experience!

Voucher Winners

1st  G Allen, O Di Marino, S Leadley, B Lee   98   £70 each 
2nd  D Booth, S Roper, A Wilson, J Wilson  93  £60 each
3rd  J Kononowicz, E Parnham, D Peck, C Walker   92 (B9)   £50 each
4th  J Brown, R Burgess, L Hayes Bradley, D Stafford   92  £40 each
5th  R Delgaudio, M Dickson, M Disney, M Galloway  91 (B9)  £30 each

2’s Winners

 P  Ewart   8th 
 D Boulter   11th
 R Solanki   11th
 D Abraham   8th
 D Horne  11th

Anyone not listed who got a two please inform Jon in the pro’s shop.

2022 Open Dates

12 April  Tuesday Ladies Charity Open  Texas Scramble 
18 May Wednesday  Seniors Open B/B Stableford
3 July  Sunday Mens Open AM-AM
29 July Friday Ladies Summer Open  B/B Stableford
29 August Monday Any Combination Open  Texas Scramble
1 October Saturday Any Combination Open     AM-AM
1 November    Tuesday Ladies Winter Open Teams of 3

Booking and paying will be online only and should be available towards the end of 2021 via our Open Competitions page

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