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Playing Golf at Mapperley

Following the easing of restrictions, the following guidelines apply at Mapperley in line with England Golf’s Play Safe, Stay Safe framework:


All golf must be pre-booked. However, you may ‘roll-up’ on the day and be added to a vacant tee time by the pro shop. 


  • Flagsticks, rakes, bells and ball washers can be touched.
  • No restrictions on sharing equipment or touching golf balls
  • Bunker rakes are available and preferred lies in bunkers is no longer available.

There are sanitizing stations at the 10th tee and 18th green. Golfers are encouraged to carry their own sanitizer to use before touching any course furniture.


Refer to Terms of Competition section 2.2


Normal exchanging and marking of scorecards has resumed. See the Returning Competition Scores News Item below and Terms of Competition: section 5


General Play Scores for handicap purposes may be returned via the My England Golf app, remembering that you must register your intent to submit a score before starting the round and that your marker needs to approve your score in the app on the same day.

Scorecards are not required to be posted, but you should retain your scorecard for 7 days in case anything needs to be checked.


As the Government and leading scientists have made clear, the pandemic is far from over. So please continue to act responsibly to help keep yourself, your family, other members and the golf club staff as safe as practical.

Created: 09-Oct-21 18:21

Latest Handicap List and Competitions Information

Click to see the full Club Handicap List as at 15th October 2021 . . .

. . . and tap the buttons for information about Competitions, Handicaps and recent Results:  



For information on submitting Competition Scores and General Play Scores, the Rules of Golf, the Rules of Handicapping, the Terms of Competition and how to get a New Handicap please visit the Competions Hub:
Created: 09-Oct-21 18:21

Any Combination Open Results & 2022 Open Dates

Thank you to all who supported yesterday's Open, and in particular, the huge number of visitors who came from far and wide to sample the Mapperley experience!

It was a pity that the weather didn't hold out for all of us, but that didn't stop some superb scoring, with particular reference to our friends  from Springwater, who came 3rd and our own fourball of Delgaudio, Dickson, Disney and Galloway, who secured a podium finish despite a tee time of 2.00 pm, showing us all that the course was playable throughout!

Voucher Winners

1st  G Allen, O Di Marino, S Leadley, B Lee   98   £70 each 
2nd  D Booth, S Roper, A Wilson, J Wilson  93  £60 each
3rd  J Kononowicz, E Parnham, D Peck, C Walker   92 (B9)   £50 each
4th  J Brown, R Burgess, L Hayes Bradley, D Stafford   92  £40 each
5th  R Delgaudio, M Dickson, M Disney, M Galloway  91 (B9)  £30 each

2’s Winners

 P  Ewart   8th 
 D Boulter   11th
 R Solanki   11th
 D Abraham   8th
 D Horne  11th

Anyone not listed who got a two please inform Jon in the pro’s shop.

2022 Open Dates

Here are some dates for your diary:

12 April  Ladies Charity Open  Texas Scramble 
18 May Seniors Open B/B Stableford
3 July  Mens Open AM-AM
29 July Ladies Summer Open  B/B Stableford
29 August Any Combination Open  Texas Scramble
1 October Any Combination Open     AM-AM
1 November    Ladies Winter Open Teams of 3

Booking should be available towards the end of 2021 via our Open Competitions page

Created: 03-Oct-21 10:08

Submitting Competition Scores

Normal exchanging and marking of scorecards is back in place.

Unless otherwise stated for a specific competition, hole by hole scores are to be entered into the computer via HowDidiDo or the PSI screen and the scorecards posted for checking by the Committee by 10:00pm on the day of the competition (6:00pm for Seniors comps).

Before posting your scorecard please make sure that the date, your name, the competition name, your Course Handicap and the correct gross scores on each completed hole are filled in and legible. Also that the player and marker have signed the card. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.

For further information please refer to:

Created: 13-Sep-21 15:52

Knockout Competitions

Follow the links below to see the draws for the knockout competitions, along with the full KO rules, handicap allowances, play by dates, booking of tee times and important guidance on foursomes play during Covid restrictions.

Mens Knockouts

Ladies Knockouts

Seniors Knockouts

Mixed Knockout

Don't forget to update your results on the sheet in the locker room by the round closing dates,  as disqualification tends to offend!


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