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Knockout Competition Rules

Appendix E:  Knockout Competition Rules



Members in the Full Membership categories listed in Appendix A may enter the knockout competitions listed in Appendix B (Men), Appendix C (Ladies) and Appendix D (Seniors), subject to having submitted a minimum of 6 Acceptable Scores* (including 3 in Competition play) in the 12 months prior to the closing date for entry. Scores submitted for initial handicap allocation are not included.

Entry to the Seniors Match Play Trophy is also subject to having returned a minimum of 5 scores in Seniors competitions in the 12 months prior to the closing date for entry.

*  Acceptable Score is defined as a score from an authorized format of play which meets all the provisions set out in Rule 2 of the Rules of Handicapping. Refer to Appendix J for further information.

Replacements in Foursomes

In the event of either player being unable to play in their first match in a foursomes knockout competition, a replacement may be found. The replacement must be someone who has not already played (or conceded a match) in the competition. Replacements are not allowed once a pair has played a match (or had a match conceded).

Handicaps & Stroke Allowance

  • The maximum Handicap Index in all knockout competitions is 54.
  • Full Playing Handicap difference in Singles
  • Half of combined Playing Handicap difference in Foursomes.

Arranging Matches

  • The first drawn player (pair) in each round is responsible for contacting the opponent(s) and offering 2 or 3 separate dates, ideally to include a weekend day to assist those working full time. Please give as much time to your opponent(s) to agree a date as possible.
  • The staff in the Professional’s Shop can advise suitable times for matches to be played and and can reserve tee times in advance of the normal 7 day window for member bookings.
  • Knockout matches have priority over casual games on the course. Casual players should invite matches to play through.
  • Knockout matches have equal standing with club competitions on the course and a quicker group (whether it be a match or in a competition) should be invited to play through. However, it is recommended that matches are not arranged during busy periods of competition play, especially at the following times:
    Saturdays                 up until 4:00pm
    Sundays                    up until 10:00am
    Tuesdays                   9:00am to 10:30am, 2:00pm to 2:30pm, 4:30pm to 5:00pm
    Wednesdays            7:00am to 10:00am

Preliminary Rounds

  • All rounds prior to the final are played over 18 holes.
  • All matches are played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.
  • Matches usually commence at the 1st tee. However, if both players (pairs) agree, play may commence from the 10th tee.
  • Men play from the White distance markers (tombstones). Ladies play from the red tee markers (pots). Seniors play from the yellow tee markers (pots).
  • The Honour on the first teeing ground is decided by lot, e.g. the toss of a coin.
  • In the event of a tie after 18 holes, play will recommence at the starting hole on a sudden death basis, with the handicap allowance repeated at the holes indicated by the stroke index.
  • Matches must be completed by midnight of the round closing date, with no exceptions. If a match is not completed by the closing date, both players (pairs) will be scratched from the competition unless one player (pair) voluntarily concedes.
  • The winners of each match are responsible for entering their names on the draw sheet by the round closing date. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 

Finals Day

  • Finals are played on a day selected before the start of the season. You should not enter knockout competitions if you may be unavailable to play on Finals Day.
  • Starting times on Finals Day are published once the participants are known.
  • Mens finals are played over 36 holes. All other finals are played over 18 holes.
  • All matches commence from the 1st tee.
  • If a player qualifies for two or more finals which would entail playing more than 36 holes on Finals Day, then alternative days will be arranged by the Committee to play any outstanding matches. The match(es) to played on alternative days will be chosen with the aim of giving a Finals Day experience to the greatest number of players.
  • The alternative day is only to be used for players who have qualified for more than one final and not for any other reason.
  • If possible, the alternative day will be before Finals Day, so that players can be presented with their trophies on Finals Day.