Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club

Mixed Knockout

Entry to the Mixed knockout is £4 per player; please pay in the Pro Shop prior to your first match. The Pro Shop is able to make tee reservations for your matches in advance of the usual 7 day booking window. Winning players, please update the draw sheet in the locker room.

Click to see the full  Knockout Competition Rules



The calculation of Playing Handicap takes into account the 1.2 difference in Course Ratings between the Men's White and Ladies' Red tees.

Playing Handicap = [ Player A course  h/c  +  Player B course  h/c  +  1.2 ]   x  50%, rounded to a whole number. Click to see the Mixed Foursomes Handicap Look-up table.

The pair with the higher Playing Handicap receives the full difference in the Playing Handicaps.

Important Guidance from England Golf

In foursomes play when partners are not members of the same household/bubble:

  • Each partner should use their own golf ball, which is only handled by that player. For example the player teeing off from hole 1 is the only one that touches the ball from teeing off through to completion of the hole. The partner teeing off from hole 2 does likewise with their ball. The Rules of Golf permit a partner to drop the side’s ball in taking relief. It is also permissible to drop another ball when taking relief.
  • When marking and replacing the ball on the putting green (or anywhere else) this should be conducted by the partner the ball belongs to. The original ball must be used and must not be substituted by another ball.

Mixed Foursomes 

 Round of 16   Quarter Finals  Semi Finals   Final 
 Play by 6 June   Play by 25 July   Play by 5 Sep    19th Sep  
 Susan Bunting & Graeme Bunting   Susan Bunting
 Graeme Bunting
 Lynda Bird & John Gosling 
 Leanne Disney & Mick Disney   Leanne Disney
 Mick Disney 
 Maria Timson & Colin Cope 
 Mandy Papworth & Alex Piziura   Mandy Papworth 
 Alex Piziura
 Jane Baxter & Neil Dewing
 Tracie Green & Brian McCrackle   Tracie Green
 Brian McCrackle 
 Bev West & Ron West 
 Toni Marsland & Steve Miles   Toni Marsland
 Steve Miles
 Sue Day & Joe Clarke 
 Rachael Voss & Geoff Tordoff 

 Katie White
 Mick Dickson

 Katie White & Mick Dickson
 Ana Harvey & Steve Williams   Maggie Burrows
 Dermot Booth 
 Maggie Burrows & Dermot Booth 
 Lynne Marlow & John Holmes   Lynne Marlow
 John Holmes