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Mapperley Golf Club
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Terms of Competition

The following Terms of Competition apply at Mapperley Golf Club, in line with the Rules of Golf, Committee Procedures, section 5A.

Note: Where the term Committee is used, it refers to any member of the MGC Competitions sub-committee, the MGC Club Professional or any person responsible for organising a competition.

1 Eligibility to Play

Competition Entry

     2.1  Match Play Competitions
     2.2  Stroke Play Competitions
     2.3  Time of Starting
     2.4  Suspensions of Play

Format and Handicap Allowance

     3.1  Winter Comps
     3.2  Comps played over several days
     3.3  Mixed and Multi-tee Comps 

Other Forms of Play

     4.1  Alternative Scoring Methods
     4.2  Team Formats

Returning the Scorecard

How Ties are decided

When the result is final

Changing Terms after a comp has started

Terms for Specific Competitions

     9.1  Mens Competitions
     9.2  Ladies Competitions
     9.3  Mixed Competitions
     9.4  Seniors Competitions
     9.5  Open Competitions


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App K:  General Play Scores

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App M:  Ladies Winter Eclectic

App N:  Multi-tee Competitions

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