Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club

Seniors Knockouts

The Pro Shop is able to make tee reservations for your matches in advance of the usual 7 day booking window. Winning players, please update the draw sheet in the locker room. First round losers in the Match Play Trophy are automatically entered into the Match Play Plate.

Click to see the full  Knockout Competition Rules


Playing Handicaps are 100% of Course Handicap and the player with the higher Playing Handicap receives the full difference in the Playing Handicaps.

Seniors Match Play Trophy 

   Round of 16   Quarter Finals  Semi Finals   Final 
   Play by 6 June   Play by 25 July   Play by 5 Sep    19th Sep  
 A    John Cropley   Dave Goy Les Mankelow   
 B   Dave Goy
 C   Jim Cunningham    Les Mankelow
 D   Les Mankelow
 E   Ian Stoakes   Steve Todd Steve Williams  
 F   Steve Todd
 G   Steve Williams   Steve Williams
 H   Brian Whitchurch
 J   Ollie Di Marino   Phil Whitaker Neil Dewing     
 K   Phil Whitaker
 L   Neil Dewing   Neil Dewing
 M   Jan Kononowicz 
 N   Barry Daley   Barry Daley  Graeme Bunting 
 P   Tom Tarpey
 R   Graeme Bunting  Graeme Bunting 
 S   Steve Cliffe


Seniors Match Play Plate 

 Quarter Finals Semi Finals   Final  
 Play by 25 July      5 September       19 Septermber  
 John Cropley  John Cropley   
 Jim Cunningham  
 Ian Stoakes Ian Stoakes
 Brian Whitchurch   
 Ollie Di Marino   Jan Kononowicz   
 Jan Kononowicz
 Tom Tarpey Tom Tarpey
 Steve Cliffe