Local Rules & Etiquette

Free relief (drop within one club length of the nearest point of relief that is not nearer the hole):

  • Embedded ball
    Winter Rule - 1st Nov - 31st March April; relief through the green
    Summer Rule - On closely mown areas through the green (rule 25-2)
  • Temporary Greens (definition: encircled with a white circle)
    Winter Rule; compulsory relief
    Summer Rule; play ball as it lies
  • Ground Under Repair
  • Greenkeepers’ tyre/work/tine marks
  • Artificial Paths, including the sides of the path on the 13th bridge
  • Watering system, all parts of the automatic watering system, but no relief for line of sight

No relief

  • Stone boulders on the 10th are an integral part of the course

Out of Bounds

  • Beyond any boundary fence or hedge
  • The staked area around Wood Farm and the greenkeepers’ sheds
  • The clubhouse car park and clubhouse surrounds
  • The staked area to the right of the 10th tee


  • Water hazards are marked by yellow lines and stakes
  • Lateral water hazards are marked by red lines and stakes
  • Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions
  • Winter rule - unraked bunkers. To keep bunkers in play, lift, rake and replace ball in bunker under no penalty


  • Additional and temporary local rules are posted on a whiteboard near the pro's shop
  • Greens staff have priority at all times
  • Distance measuring devices are permitted in competition play, provided they do not also measure incline, temperature or wind speed (Rule 14.3)
  • Members and visitors should be dressed for golf which includes golf shoes. Wearing the following on the course is not permissible:-
    Denim jeans and jackets, track suits, shell suits and football kit.
  • Ride-on buggies are permitted subject to written approval from the Secretary.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the golf course.
  • Non playing children under 10 years old are not allowed to accompany players.
  • On Saturdays and Tuesdays there are competition draw sheets in place. Priority is given to those players at all times. On Wednesday mornings the tee is reserved for the seniors.
  • Casual play should give way to official competitions and knock out matches.
  • Click here to see a list of Winter Rules which are usually in place between November 1st and March 31st.


  • As detailed in the Rules of Golf as set down by the R & A.
  • Please repair divots and pitch marks (and please repair any other pitch marks you see!).
  • Rake bunkers and leave the rake in the bunker avoiding the line of play.
  • If your group fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the group in front, it should invite the group following to play through. Please endeavour to keep up with the group in front at all times.

In the clubhouse

  • We have a relaxed attitude towards our dress code and request that members and guests dress in smart casual clothes. The following are not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse:
    All types of golf shoes (including dimple type), hats, track suits, football kit, training wear or waterproofs.
  • Please use mobile phones with discretion.
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