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Know the Score

Know the Score is an educational campaign launched by England Golf to bring all the different elements of the WHS together to provide a consistent message that golfers will recognise and associate with the WHS. 

The short articles below take you through the system step by step:

  1. Know the Score
    An introduction to Know the Score and
    How will handicaps be calculated under the WHS?

  2. Transition Handicaps
    How will my initial WHS handicap be calculated?

  3. Course Rating and Bogey Rating
    How the relative difficulty of a course is determined [1]

  4. Slope Rating
    How the relative difficulty of a course is determined [2], including a short video about Course Rating and Slope Rating.

  5. Course Handicap
    The number of strokes that you will receive on the golf course

  6. Score Differentials
    How your gross scores are converted into equivalent scores on a course of standard relative difficulty.

  7. Handicap Index
    How the basic Handicap Index calculation is done each time you post a new score.

  8. Handicap Index Caps
    How safeguards ensure that your Handicap Index doesn't rise too quickly due to a spell of poor from.

  9. Handicap Index Summary
    How Exceptional Scores and Playing Conditions can influence the Handicap Index calculation and finishing with a short video.

  10. Acceptable Scores
    The formats of competition and recreational golf that are acceptable for posting scores for handicap purposes.

  11. Unplayed Holes
    How scores from uncompleted rounds can be acceptable for handicap purposes.

  12. Handicap Allowance and Playing Handicap
    How your Handicap Index is converted into a Playing Handicap