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Submitting General Play Scores

The My England Golf  app is the preferred method for submitting General Play Scores for handicap purposes at Mapperley - and you can use it for rounds played at other courses in England too.

You must register your intent to submit a score with the app before the start of the round and your score will need to be verified through the My EG app by a playing partner who holds a WHS Handicap Index. This can be a member of any affiliated golf club or an iGolf  subscriber.

Click for guidance on:

Your device must be set to allow the app to use Location Services so that it can find golf courses in close proximity.  If you cannot locate nearby courses, try opening Google Maps to make sure the device has identified your location. It may also be worth re-installing the latest version of the app.

The app cannot be used for submitting competition scores - you should use the HowDidiDo app for competitions.

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How do I check my Handicap?

Click for details of how to check your handicap, including:

  • How you can look up your handicap at the golf club, on the website and with your apps
  • Handicap adjustments in mixed and multi-tee competitions
  • The interactive Handicap Calculator
  • Downloadable Excel Handicap Calculators

For more comprehensive information about the World Handicap System go to our dedicated Rules of Handicapping section, or click to view the handy Player Reference Guide


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How do I keep my Handicap active?

Although your handicap does not lapse as long as you are a playing member of an affiliated golf club, you need to have submitted at least 3 Acceptable Scores in the previous 12 months to be eligible to enter Open Competitions  and Club Knockouts at Mapperley, to win the trophy in Major Competitions and to represent the club in matches against other clubs.

You can check the number of scores posted in the 12 months to 27th Septembert 2021 in this Handicap Change Report, which also shows the change to your Handicap Index over that time.

Note: the number of scores shown includes cards submitted for initial handicap allocation, if applicable. These scores do not count towards the required 3 scores in the last 12 months.

Created: 13-Sep-21 15:51

Returning of Scores: Player Responsibilities

Under the Rules of Handicapping, when a player registers their intention to return a score (for a Competition or from General Play), that score MUST be returned promptly after play by the method the Committee has specified. ‘No returns’, as they were previously known, are not permitted; other than for valid reasons.

Click to see a full explanation of Player and Committee responsibilities in relation to returning of scores.

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WHS Reference Guide

With the golf course due to reopen on 29 March, now is the time to dust down the clubs and your knowledge of the World Handicap System ahead of the new season.

Click to view the handy Player Reference Guide

 . . . and you can find more information on the Rules of Handicapping pages


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