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Chairman's Newsletter - February 2018

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Created: 06-Feb-18 10:31

CONGU Changes in 2018

Changes to the CONGU Handicapping System have recently been announced. In view of the proposed introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS), these changes take into account some of the options likely to be adopted in the WHS, the principal of which is to encourage players to submit more scores to their handicap record.

Click on the the links bekow for information about the changes which come into effect on the 1st of January 2018.

Summary of Changes

More details about the changes

Questions and Answers

Updated CONGU Manual

Created: 17-Dec-17 14:27

Great New Opportunities for Ladies at Mapperley in 2018

6 Day Membership

Ladies that join Mapperley Golf Club as a 6 day member may play golf at any time Sunday to Friday and will have the opportunity to take part in all of the following competitions in 2018:

On Tuesdays

  • Ladies 18 hole competitions every week (all year round), including 13 (Major) trophy competitions
  • Ladies 9 hole competitions (most weeks)

On Thursdays

  • Club stablefords or medals every week which are open to ladies and men (April to October)

On Sundays & Bank Holidays

  • Winter ‘Alternate Day’ competitions run in conjunction with the following Tuesday Ladies competition.
  • Club stablefords or medals twice a month which are open to ladies and men (April to October)
  • Club Mixed competitions once a month all year (1 lady + 1 man pairs or 2 ladies + 2 men teams)
  • 9 hole ’fun’ competitions about once a month - a great opportunity for new members to get to know other members
  • Occasional other club team competitions
  • At least 5 Bank Holiday stablefords (on Mondays and Good Friday)

7 Day Membership

Ladies that join Mapperley Golf Club as a 7 day member will have the opportunity to take part in all of the competitions described above in 2018, plus the following on Saturdays:

 On Saturdays (April to October)

  • Ladies standalone Saturday competitions, subject to demand.
  • ‘Alternate Day’ competitions run in conjunction with the following Tuesday Ladies competition.
  • Casual play after the competition has gone out


On Saturdays (November to March)

  • Pairs and Team competitions which are open to ladies and men
  • Casual play after the competition has gone out

We believe that the opportunities that we are offering for ladies are far more comprehensive than anything that any other clubs in the Nottinghamshire area can offer.


Club Knockouts and Team Matches

Both 6 and 7 day members may also play in the Club Knockout Competitions (ladies singles, ladies foursomes & mixed foursomes), as well as representing the club in league and friendly matches.


Great Offers for New Members

If you are a beginner you may qualify for our Lady Novice membership at just £199 for the first year - and if you have never played golf before you may come for some free taster sessions with the option to take up membership for just £100.

Check out the Membership Offers page for more details.

Created: 01-Dec-17 16:53

BRS App for Mapperley members

Mapperley members can view their upcoming tee times and check the daily timesheets for availability using the BRS App on Android devices and iOS for iphone, iPad and AppleMac

Click to see a short demonstration video

To download the App to your device visit Google Play or the App Store and search for BRS Golf.   

When you open the App for the first time you will need to log in and enter Mapperley as your club. (If you don't already have a BRS login, there are instructions on how to create one on the Members Welcome page).

The Home page in the App displays a list of your upcoming tee reservations - tap on one to see the full timesheet for that day and view other days by scrolling through the dates at the top of the page.

Other options are available by tapping the icon with 3 horizontal bars at the top right corner:

  • Book a tee Time: to see the daily timesheets (you can't actually book a tee time - this facility is currently not enabled for MGC).
  • Previous Bookings: to see your previous bookings.
  • Buddies: to add your friends (who will show up in a different colour on timesheets).
  • Upcoming Competitions: to enter competitions at your home club (currently not enabled for MGC).
  • Open Competitions Website: takes you to the BRS website where you can search for and enter opens at Mapperley and other clubs.
  • Feedback: to send an email to BRS.


Created: 21-Nov-17 13:18

2017 Annual Handicap Reviews

The 2017 Mens and Ladies annual handicap reviews have both been completed and posted in the respective locker rooms for your own information and everyone else's annoyance / amusement (depending on who it is!). Please check to see if your handicap has changed before you next play.

The revisions were calculated in line with CONGU guidelines as follows:-

  1. The player’s “Median Gross Differential” (MGD) is calculated by listing the nett differentials (number of shots over Competition Scratch Score) for each Qualifying round in ascending order and finding the score in the mid-point of the list.
  2. The player’s “Median Nett Differential” (MND) is calculated by subtracting their  year-end handicap (H) from the MGD.
  3. The player’s “Ideal (Target) MND” is calculated by applying the formula:
    MND = (0.237 x H) + 1.5745.

The target MND is compared with the actual MND. If the difference is less than 3, no handicap change is recommended. If the difference is between 3 and 5, a 1 shot adjustment is recommended. If the difference is greater than 5, a 2 shot adjustment is recommended.


Player with year-end handicap of 7.5 having returned scores of 6, 7, 10, 10, 16, 17 & 21 over CSS.

MGD = 10

MND = 10 – 7.5 = 2.5

Target MND = (0.237 x 7.5) + 1.5745 = 3.35

MND  – target MND = 2.5 – 3.35 = -0.85

So the player is within the tolerance of +/-3 and can be considered correctly handicapped.



Player with year-end handicap of 14.1 having returned scores of 15, 16, 18, 18, 23, 24, 25, NR & NR

MGD = 23

MND = 23 – 14.1 = 8.9

Target MND = (0.237 x 14.1) + 1.5745 = 4.92

MND  – target MND = 8.9 – 4.92 = 3.98

So the player is within the range of +3 to +5 and is recommended for a handicap increase of 1.



Player with year-end handicap of 22.0 having returned scores of 18, 20, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 32 & NR

MGD = 24

MND = 24 – 22.0 = 2.0

Target MND = (0.237 x 22.0) + 1.5745 = 6.79

MND  – target MND = 2.0 – 6.79 = -4.79

So the player is within the range of -3 to -5 and is recommended for a handicap decrease of 1.


Hopefully this helps your understanding of the Annual Review process!

If you have any further questions please check with Stan Simpson, Mandy Papworth


Graeme Bunting

Created: 25-Oct-17 14:52
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