Chairman’s Newsletter – Spring 2017

General Club Noticeboard : Chairman’s Newsletter – Spring 2017

Chairman – John Spencer

Please take a couple of minutes to read this fourth edition of our newsletter, we hope you enjoy it. We continue to develop the clubhouse and the golf course with valued input from our membership. Our staff and volunteers are doing a great job and deserve our thanks for all they do.

 We thank Mick Mulhern for his work during his ten years as Club Secretary and Martin Hardwidge for his input into the sales and marketing role. We welcome Peter Adams as our new Club Secretary and Colin Barnett as the new Sales and Marketing Director.

 Have a great summer of golf


Course Director – Joe Childs

Since the last Newsletter a lot of work has taken place on the Course.

l am sure most members are aware the project to remodel the 8th is now nearing completion. The landscaping work has been done and we are now just waiting for relaid fairway and green to settle down so we can begin to enjoy what we believe will be a much improved hole.

The professional Jon has kindly measured the hole now and from the original distance of 131 yards, contrary to popular belief, you can see all of the green.

We have also removed most of the unsightly growth from the bank between the car park and the first Tee. This has improved the overall view from the car park level and l am sure it will make those of us outside the clubhouse more aware of people Teeing off and thus reduce the noise levels.

After the disaster of last August’s hollow tinning myself and the Greens staff have been researching new and improve methods of carrying out this type of work. As you may be aware we have we have tried a new method called Shockwave Treatment which is designed to replace the need to carry out verti-draining, which we would have been doing this time of year.

This new method it is far less intrusive whilst achieving the same results. We will continue, over the next few weeks, to keep our eye on this to ensure it’s success.

The Greens staff are now working hard to get the course ready for the new summer season and from myself and all the greens staff we hope you all have a great season’s golf.


Competitions Director – Stan Simpson

Another golfing year beckons.  The Mail on Sunday has now been scrapped but another sponsor, Annodata Systems has stepped in with a nationwide team event.  Two teams are permitted to enter and one of them will be the winners of our first summer competition of the year, the Course Development AM-AM on Saturday April 1st.  Finalists get 5 days all expenses paid at La Quinta in Marbella, Spain, so make sure you get your team entered. 

Throughout the season there will be a handicap qualifier event every Thursday and also other opportunities on Saturdays and Sundays. This will help all players to have their handicap adjusted on a regular basis.

The draw sheets for the knockout competitions have now been posted.  Please make sure that all entrants do their best to ensure matches are played as any referrals to the referee are likely to result in disqualification of both teams.

We are hoping that the 8th will be back in play by 1st May and would appreciate your patience until then.  It does look impressive and is a great improvement to the course.  Congratulations to the Greens staff for their hard work over the winter.

Have a great golfing year.


Sales and Marketing Director – Colin Barnett


The new season is not far away and with that the social side of the Club gathers momentum.

We start with the Children's Easter Party on Easter Sunday 16th April at 3pm.

Also the great Thursday Social Night is running and all members and social members are welcome.

The night evolves sticky 13s, Bingo, quiz and open the box. It gives members the chance to socialise with other members who they may not see during the season.

Other events are planned during the year so please keep your eyes open for more information on these being posted around the Club.


Sales and Marketing.

New to the chair we have hit the ground running with many exciting projects on the go. I would like to thank Martin Hardwidge for his hard work in the past and am delighted that he wishes to stay involved with the sub-committee as we know he will be a great asset.

If we have any members who have a passion for the Club and feel they can offer a little time to help the sales and marketing team we are always on the look out for people. If you feel you can help please do not hesitate to contact me, Colin Barnett (07837 997423), to join the team.

We are currently looking at many ways to add value to your membership and to maximize the facilitate which the Club has to offer. We all recognize the benefits from increasing our income which gives us the opportunity to develop the course and Club house.

These range from sponsorship packages, advertising packages, room hire, and growth in society bookings, all these will help us achieve our goal.

We hope you all have a great season and we will keep you posted on developments.


Finance Director – Martin Millichip

After a lower than expected surplus in last year’s accounts, it was shown that the underlying financial performance had continued from the previous year.

Interim figures for 2016/17 show this strong trading position to continue.

CASC re-registration is ongoing and I am liaising with HMRC to obtain a positive outcome.

Reinvestment into improving the Club’s facilities is ongoing (8th hole and 1st tee area).


House Director – Dan Williams

Some of you will have noticed that the men’s locker room has been painted, this work was carried out by one of our senior members Mick Bickley who gave his time free of charge, thanks to Mick for a super job...... Gio chose the colour scheme!

Not quite so noticeable is the carpet has been cleaned, I think it looks worse now, but at least it is clean. 

Because our attention had been drawn to the locker room we also took the opportunity to upgrade the lighting, the old florescent lights were at least 1983 vintage, with difficulties buying and disposing of tubes it was seen as an opportunity to fit modern LED which have no replaceable fittings, run on a fraction of the electricity and are self-switching through movement detection.  Although there is an upfront cost over the lifespan of the lights they should prove cost negative!

Similar work is now being undertaken in the ladies locker room.

We have also made some long term cost saving measures to the water heaters.

The ‘eyesore’ remains of the old barrier are being electrically disconnected, hopefully the remains of the barrier will then be discarded, (But not in our bins as Wastecycle charge excessively for electrical waste in their bins!) I have tried unsuccessfully to sell it.

I may have mentioned before that many areas of the clubhouse have not had much attention recently and if you try and skimp doing part of the job it makes the remaining part look poor, there is an urgent need to replace the units and countertop in the men’s toilets, but at the same time we should replace the basins and ill-fitting taps, and when this is done the floor will still look a disgrace, however the flooring contractor had problems with the tile upstands ..........

Following Ben Ward’s request at the AGM to tidy up around the bins, this is almost been complete, however we suspect that not all the waste dumped is from the club, if you have noticed anyone other than club staff using the bins please report them, if it is you, take your tat to the tip!

On Saturday, the weather was good and I imagine we had a record Saturday turnout for this year, as it was still GMT the car park was full past capacity, most members had parked sensibly but I did have a complaint about a members using the Captain’s space, he was on holiday, and is perhaps not precious about car parking spaces, but it does offend some members so please if members could not park in spaces allocated to the charity space winner, accessible spaces, cottage, staff or Captains  it would be appreciated.

Whilst various committees and members have argued the positive benefits or otherwise of pay TV, the directors recently agreed to the addition of BT Sports, in recent years the bar sales have increased significantly both from members and visitors. There are always alternative ways that we can spend the clubs money, however the addition of BT is seen as added value to members and bar users. Whilst there is not a decisive business case for BT,  we would only need to sell 17 pints a week to cover the additional cost, considering all the European, and Saturday evening football together with rugby and boxing being covered by BT this should not be too demanding.

Adrian has asked and the club have agreed in principle to extend his catering franchise, having dissolved his partnership with Michael last year, the club agreed to a one year period to see if it suited both parties. Adrian has indicated that he is happy with the arrangement and has requested a further two year period. The club get little negative feedback and are equally happy to continue.

Finally any member with spare time that wishes to assist the house committee, either as a committee member or with specific tasks is welcome and in the first instance should contact me directly.    

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