Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club
Mapperley Golf Club

3.1 Winter Competitions

All winter competitions are played using club handicaps.

When winter tees (mats) are in use, scores are generally not acceptable for handicap purposes due to not playing a measured and rated course. Refer to Appendix J for further details.



Piggy-in-the-Middle format is allowed in winter fourball better-ball competitions. This allows the "odd one out" in a 3-ball to play as a partner to the other two golfers.

In the event of the piggy winning two prizes, one with each partner, the piggy will receive the share of prize money for the higher placed pair only, with the piggy's share of the prize money for the lower placed pair being donated to the Captain’s, Lady Captain’s or Senior Captain's Charity.

Note: Piggy-in-the-Middle format is not generally allowed in competitions from April to October.