Mens Handicaps & Player Responsibilities

Players' handicaps at Mapperley Golf Club are administered in accordance with recommendations of The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU).

Obtaining a new Handicap
New members who have not previously held an official CONGU handicap at an affiliated golf club are required to submit cards marked “FOR NEW HANDICAP” from 54 holes of golf played at Mapperley. This may consist of any mix of 9 hole or 18 hole cards, though the preference is for 3 x 18 hole scores. The cards must be signed by the member seeking a handicap and marked and countersigned by another member with a current handicap. All three cards cannot be countersigned by the same member.

Please refer to the New Members' Handicaps section below for further information about eligibility to play in mens club competitions.

Members, who have held an official handicap at another club, must declare this at the time of joining and supply their CDH number to the Handicap Secretary.

Players who are members of more than one club are reminded that they can only have one handicap, which is to held at the 'Home' club of their choosing. Members who this rule applies to must adhere and comply with the provisions set down for 'Away' scores.

Qualifying Competition: definition
Any competition in which competition play conditions prevail and, for handicap adjustment and record purposes, full handicap allowance is applied and a Competition Scratch Score (CSS) is calculated. Nearly all the singles competitions played at Mapperley between April and October are Qualifiers.

Supplementary Score: definition

A score, other than in a Qualifying Competition, returned for handicapping purposes in accordance with CONGU regulations at any club to which a player is a member.

Competition Handicap: definition
Players that have competed in three Qualifying Rounds (Competitions or Supplementary Scores) in the year are classified as having a Competition Handicap. This is indicated by a small "c" on the competition results sheets that are posted on the noticeboard.

New Members' Handicaps
New members who have a current "c" handicap status from a previous club will have their handicap transferred automatically upon presentation of their CDH number and can immediately enter and win club competitions and associated prizes.

New handicaps allocated by the Mapperley Mens section are 'Non-competition'. This gives the new members the opportunity to enter Qualifying Competitions with a playing handicap and get used to competing with new acquaintances and opponents. After 3 Qualifying Competitions have been completed playing handicaps are automatically converted to a "c" suffix (the scores submitted in these three rounds will be assessed and implimented for handicap adjustment as per CONGU recommendations). Thereafter new members are eligible to enter and win competitions and associated prizes at Mapperley and elsewhere.

Consequently, any new members with non-competition handicaps wishing to enter Qualifying Competitions will be welcomed and not charged an entry fee until such time that they possess a Competition ("c" suffix) handicap. Please let the staff in the Pro shop know if you fall into this category when entering.

Player Responsibility: Returning of Scores and No Returns
For players to have a handicap that reflects their current standard of play, they need to return scores regularly from competitive rounds or to complete supplementary scores. The player must return every score, including No Returns*, from all Qualifying Competitions both at their home club and everywhere else, and any Supplementary Scores at their Home or Away club.

* When a player submits a No return it is important that they still record their gross scores on all completed holes. The computer will calculate an adjusted gross score using the nett double bogie adjustment. This may result in a player having scored within their buffer zone or even a handicap reduction, especially if the CSS goes up. A fundamental principle of the CONGU Handicap system is that the player will make every effort to score his/her best in each round. All a player’s scores are taken into account when the Annual Review is run and it is important that No Returns reflect the actual performances of the player. Simply entering “No score at the hole” for every hole distorts this and makes additional work for the Handicap Committee.

With effect from 1st July 2017 anyone absenting from a pre-drawn competition without having made contact with the professional and/or their playing partner(s) prior to a competition and anyone failing to submit their card after playing in a competition will be disqualified from the following two competitions to be played on that same day of the week (i.e. Saturday no show resulting in a following two week Saturday ban, etc.).

Further Information
CONGU has produced this helpful  Players Quick Guide  to the handicapping system.

Please contact Stan Simpson should you require any further clarification about your handicap.

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